Why Choose A Mobility Scooter?

By | December 19, 2018

Living a disabled life is no fun. The stress and difficulties trying to move from one place to another is a major problem. However, quite a lot have been done to improve the livelihood of people that are either disabled or have difficulties with walking. If you happen to find yourself in either of these conditions, is see no reason why you should panic because a lot has been put in place with the help of topnotch technology to reduce the stress and difficulties you are going through. Getting a good, effective and efficient mobility aid is a good investment that you will get to enjoy. Although there are quite a number of different types of mobility aids each with its unique qualities and characteristic. But you of all people should know that there is always a golden fish in an ocean of millions of fishes.

What are the best mobility medical scooter

If you wish to make use of a mobility aid to enhance yourself, why not go for the very best. Amidst all the mobility aid that has ever been designed and developed, Mobility scooter has been the best and it will continue that way for a very long time. This particular mobility aid is perfect for both elders that can no longer walk long distances and hates to sit in a particular place all day without seeing the outside world and also for disabled people that are not fortunate enough to use their limbs appropriately.

The Major Types Of Mobility Aids Includes:

  • Walkers, Crutches and walking sticks
  • Walking Frames
  • Different designs of wheelchair
  • The Chair raisers and toilet aids
  • Mobility scooter

Just as I mentioned earlier, each of these mobility aids has its own unique of making walking and moving from one place to another more easy and safe. Take, for example, the chair raisers which are exclusively designed and fabricated for older people and patients suffering from spine-related injuries, help with a particular type of movement which involves getting up and down.

Then we have the walker, which also provides assistance to old people and those recuperating from either a leg accident or spine related injuries. Speaking of which, walkers range from the primitive canes to more advanced aids such as walking frames that provide a maximum amount of support that the body needs to move from one place to another.

Despite all these, a mobility scooter is still the best choice for you. There are so many reasons why you should choose mobility scooter over any other mobility aid if you are hoping to enjoy a stress-free life. No matter what other mobility aids have to offer, there will always be an element of stress left to address. But in the case of mobility scooters, it’s a complete stress-free ride to wherever you wish to go.

Right here in this article, we will be analyzing the major reasons why you should choose mobility scooter over any other mobility aid.

The Major Reasons Why You Should Choose Mobility Scooter

1.) Mobility scooter offers maximum independence –  With mobility scooter, you are free to do whatever you like and go wherever you like without waiting for anybody’s assistance. There are specific types of scooters that have wheels that can move effectively on dirt and also on streets. While there are others that are designed for indoor movement. Thus, you get to choose that which suits your kind of person. Whichever one you decide to get, you will fully enjoy its purpose. Unlike other mobility aids, you don’t get to rely on anyone to take you out or move around your home. Isn’t it fascinating?

2.) The Speed – If you happen to be a wheelchair user, you will understand how stressful it is to keep up with the speed on days out with families and friends. You either role the wheels of the wheelchair by yourself or someone does that for you and the person doing that will definitely get tired in no time. In the case of a mobility scooter, it has an average speed of 4-8 mph. With this in place, you will be able to catch up with them no matter how fast they walk. This will no doubt help boost your confidence, reduce your level of isolation and it will also help you socialize the more without having to feel like a burden to anyone. As a result of this, your general health and well-being will increase because you are happy.

3.) Offers Maximum Flexibility – Mobility scooter has technological innovated characteristics that are unique and can’t be found in any wheelchair. The very first one is the swivel seat which allows its users easy access to the seat when climbing and when coming down. The seats OT mobility scooters are also adjustable in heights, which means you can adjust the heights of your scooter to suit you. In addition to the unique characteristics that have been mentioned, some mobility scooter can be dismantled in order to aid transportation when moving far distance in vehicles.

4.) It has a rechargeable battery system – Mobility scooters are designed and manufactured with different battery size and capacity. If you are the type that says long outside your home for a long period of time, it is best you buy a mobility scooter with large battery size. On the other hand, if you are the type that spends more time at home, you can choose to buy a mobility scooter with an average or medium battery size. Your choice of mobility scooter depends on your expected daily routine. If you get this right and you end up making the right choice, you won’t run out of power and you can go wherever you like peacefully.

Often times than not, try as much as possible to charge your mobility overnight. Ideally, it takes 10-12 hours to charge fully. Doing this will help you get the very best that this incredible device has to offer.

5.) Unique style at its best – Mobility scooters has exquisite designs that you can’t find in any other mobility aid. As a user of a mobility scooter, you have the opportunity to showcase your personality. With the opportunity to choose the type of colour that suits you and other features express your personality. With the help of advancing technology, topnotch designs have been introduced to improve the general comfort of scooters. To mention a few, we have better ergonomic steering system, safety measures like the automatic reduction in speed when turning corners, the introduction of horns and lights, more comfortable driving system and many more.

6.) Comfortable Cushions – Mobility scooter has comfortable cushions that help to improve the general comfort of its users when seated on the chair. This cushion helps to reduce back pains due to prolong sitting. It also has an adjustable armrest and also adjustable leg rest.


Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Mobility Scooter

  • Personal Mobility – This refers to your personal movements. This movement includes standing, sitting, and walking and also your ability to move your body when seated on the scooter.
  • Personal Tolerance – This refers to the duration of time that your body can withstand basic mobility activities like standing, walking and sitting.
  • Body balance – This has to do with the ability of your body to remain in a particular position without deviating while standing or sitting.
  • Body posture – This has to do with the normal position of your body at which you remain steady.
  • Body weight – Here, your body weight is what you need to estimate before going ahead to choose a mobility scooter. If you happen to be a larger person, go for a scooter that can accommodate comfortably and nothing less.
  • Cognitive balance, sight and memory – These factors are a major determinant when it comes to your suitability to drive a mobility scooter. If any of these balance is affected, it is best not to buy a mobility scooter.

Before handling a mobility scooter, you should see to all these factors and make sure you are good enough to drive a mobility scooter.


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