How To Use A Knee Scooter

By | October 26, 2018

The advent of Knee Scooters which is also known as kneel walkers has no doubt made life more easier for people that sustained an injury on any part of their leg. Kneel Scooter is an innovative mobile machine is a far better replacement for leg assistants like cranes, crutches and also the normal walkers.

This machine has some features that help its users move from one place to another without having to over-stress their injured kneel. This innovative machine is quite easy to use. Users don’t need to take a driving class before knowing how to drive a knee scooter.

To start with, you need to hold the head brakes tight with the help of the handlebars, then place the injured leg resting fully on the kneel platform rest. After this has been done, you need to release the hold on the handbrakes to move slowly as you use your unaffected leg to drive. This moment can either go forward or backwards depending on which direction you wish to go. Finally, there is a handbar right in front of the knee scooter that helps to control your drive as a car steering does.

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This kneel scooter, otherwise, know as kneel walk is a replica of the normal tricycle that we all know. The only difference between this two is that a kneel scooter has no pedal. This non-motorized moving aid has handbars and also kneel resting platform to hold the affected kneel in place during movement without causing too much.

This fabricated piece is available in different designs and colours. All you need to do is handpick that which you feel is perfect for you. Knee scooter also comes with additional features that help beautiful it the more. Although it is completely optional, you can do away with them if you want to. Some of these features include backets, cup holder, cushions for the kneel rest areas and also a bell.


The primary function of a knee scooter is to help people that find it difficult to move from one place to another due to either a fractured leg, twisted ankle and other leg-related injuries to move without causing them too much pain. A kneel scooter can be used for both temporary and permanent leg related injuries. The use of a kneel scooter also extends to a patient undergoing recuperation after surgery or those awaiting surgery.

  • Making use of a kneel scooter allows the convenient movement from one place to another compared to the discomfort that accompanies the use of crutches and cranes.
  • Using a kneel scooter allows you to make use of the muscles of the legs for movement rather the muscles of hand s that get weaken faster.
  • When using kneel scooter, your hands will be completely free. In turn, this allows you to do some other things, instead of sitting down all day when using other aids.


Making use of a knee scooter is very easy, a that you need to understand is the basic ticks of movement. It is just like learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time. It is possible you make mistakes but with time it gets better. The following guidelines will help you to use a knee scooter.

  • ThIs fists step is the most important, you must consider this before doing any other thing to prevent further damage to your injury. Ensure that the brakes are locked. Locked brakes help you to remain in position while trying to adjust yourself on the scooter.
  • Hold the hand bars as firm as you can to avoid falling down.
  • The next step is to place your leg in a firm position on the platform available for placing the kneel. While doing this, you should make sure you are standing firm on the other unaffected leg.
  • What you need to do next is carefully release the breaks as you move slowly with the help your unaffected leg. This first movement should be done back and forth for quite a number of times.
  • After the learning process mentioned above in the previous step is completed, you can now try moving to a farther distance repeating all that you did earlier. However, when planning to stop, don’t ever make use of the hand brake.
  • After you must have been able to make a stop with the help of your leg, you can then lock the brakes to prevent further unexpected movements.
  • After every ride, take your hands off the handlebar and carefully stand up from the scooter.


The appropriate time to use a knee scooter depends on your type of condition but the fact still remains. A kneel scooter should be used only when it is needful. However, there are some cases that don’t need further delay if you are thinking of getting a knee scooter. For example, If you find it difficult to move because you are suffering from permanent or temporary ankle or foot injury. Perhaps, you are planning to go for a surgery or you are actually undergoing recuperation from an ankle or foot surgery. It is best to use kneel scooter.


There are some conditions that demand the use of a knee scooter. A kneel scooter either help the recovery process or help the management process. To mention a few, they include :

  • Planning to go for a foot or ankle surgery, it is a bad idea to stress that particular part of the surgery before the big day. You need to make use of a kneel scooter
  • Maybe you are just undergoing recovery after a strain, fracture or sprain injury or after an ankle surgery, you need to make use of kneeling scooter
  • Perhaps, you ate just recovering from a torn tendon or a foot ulcer surgery. There’s a need for you to get a knee scooter.
  • Maybe one of your legs is permanently disabled, a kneel scooter will definitely be of help
  • Experiencing Stiffness, weak ankle, leg pain and other old age leg disease, you need to get a knee scooter.


  • You have experienced or had an issue with either your hips or knees before. This prohibition is even more pronounced if you have ever had a surgery around this area before. The movement of kneeling scooter requires both hip and kneel coordination.
  • You have a problem with both of your feet and ankles. Before you can use a knee scooter, you must have one active, healthy and functional leg.
  • Do you have issues with your vision, then it is a bad idea. To use a knee scooter, it requires balance and coordination.



There are some factors that you need to consider before choosing a knee scooter. The terrain of your house is a very important factor because a kneel scooter has wheels and they move on the ground. The things to consider are:

  • Are your surroundings made of gravel workways?
  • Will your Kneel scooter pass through dirt or be running on
  • Are you the adventurous type that loves going out whenever the opportunity comes around.

The factors above will help your decision-making process on which type of kneeling scooter to get. Getting a wrong scooter will do you more harm than good. Therefore, you need to know exactly what you intend using your Kneel scooter for before going ahead to get one.

There are three major types of kneeling scooter, you can choose from any of these after considering the factors above.

The very first kneel scooter is the Standard model. This model is perfect for those that intend to use there kneel scooter indoors only. Taking this model outside your house will damage the wheel. This is because they were manufactured to move on either marble floors. Been that this standard model is the smallest in size, it allows easy manoeuvring when moving around corners in your house. It can also move you to small places like the bathroom.

The next one is the All Terrain kneel scooter model. This is like the general purpose type of a knee scooter. This model is a good choice if you are the adventurous type. It allows free movement on both gravel, grass and dirt. Having large wheels makes it do all these without any damage to the knee scooter.

The pediatric model is the last model. This type of model is mostly used by kids and some adults that have small body size. This model has features makes them suitable for both children and adults with such body sizes.

Although, it is most recommended for you to seek the help of a physician before going ahead to purchase your own kneel scooter. He or she will guide you through this buying process.


Falls is one major hazard that happens on a regular basis if you are still learning how to use kneel scooter. However, this can be avoided if you follow the steps above carefully before mounting yourself on a knee scooter.

Am sure you must have learnt all that you need on how to use a knee scooter. Good luck as you begin your painless ride around your house.



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