Reasons To Consider Using A Knee Scooter

By | December 21, 2018

The name knee scooter might sound strange to you if you have no idea on what it used for or what it looks like. But if you do, you are most likely to know the importance. Maybe you see it often on the streets, but you have no idea why the users hang one of their legs on a cushion as they move with the other leg. The answers to all that you want to know are quite simple and you will find them right here.

Best knee scooters

Accidents that affects the ankle, ┬áknee or foot are common. In fact, when an accident occurs, the part that is most likely to be affected are the just mentioned part of the body. Speaking of an accident, it doesn’t have to be automobile related accidents alone, it could be domestic and it could also be occupational. Whatever it may be, the recovery process is no joke. It takes time for the bones in these regions to heal. And if the recovery mechanism is not good enough, it takes longer, accompanied by pain. Having a surgery does not mean the recovery process will be faster, what it does means is that if you have a good recovery mechanism in place, you will get better faster.

The healing process takes time if you are to go through the conventional way of using crutches. Which is why a better means to help the whole recovery process was introduce. The knee scooter is a better alternative to using crutches. It is more effective and convenient. Most accident victims don’t have such a time to undergo the long recovery process using crutches. They are always eager to get back to their normal lives, works, daily activities and others before the accident happened, but is quite unfortunate because it is impossible with crutches. But with the help of knee scooters, they will be able to go back to their lives gradually.

Are you also a victim of something similar to all that has been said above and you want to get back to your daily routine. Why don’t you consider using a knee scooter to help you out? We will be sharing reasons why you should consider using a knee scooter below.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using A Knee Scooter

1.) Safer alternative

The conventional recovery aid which is the use of crutches is safe but the pain that accompanies it when used for a long period of time is a major problem. The prolonged use of crutches exerts pressure on the muscles around the shoulder, arm and back region which in turn leads to muscular strain. Making use of crutches means this part of your body does the major job of carrying your body, while still resting on the crutches

But in the case of knee scooters, the upper part of your body is protected from muscular strains. At the same time, it keeps you balance while standing on it, eliminating all chances of potential accidents that are quite common with the use of crutches due to imbalances. You can also make use of your knee scooter no matter the condition of the weather in your loyalty. its wheels support both rainy and snowy weather conditions.

2.) The Injured foot will be in a relaxed position

With the use of knee scooter, not will only your injured foot be relaxed and elevated, your other foot this is meant to carry the whole body will be supported as well. Elevating the injured leg protect it from any form of accident. In turn, it remains relaxed and this also helps to heal it faster.

3.) Ability to manoeuvre easily

When it comes to flexible and easy manoeuvring, knee scooter has a lot to bring to the table. Knee scooter can be used both indoors and outdoors with any risk. Unlike the wheelchair and crutches that are quite slow, this mini vehicle helps you to move anywhere faster. It will also allow you to make turns that are tight around corners without risk hitting your injured leg on an obstacle. With this mini vehicle, you can go anywhere, no matter the terrain and location without sliding on the ground

4.) Speed

Making use of crutches to take just 20 steps have a negative feedback on the body that makes you feel like you have walked for almost a mile. Besides the exhausting negative feedback it has on the body, it is impossible to use it to walk on an uneven terrain. However, with a knee scooter, you can walk pass any terrain with feeling exhausted, because all you have to do is control the wheels with the handle.

Knee scooters are also engineered to help you learn how to handles and operate them easily without too many tutorials. Most important, the speed of this vehicle is right in your hands, you can control it in any way that suits you. Ideally, the average speed shouldn’t be more than your normal pace when walking on the streets.

5.) Supports you as you learn how to stand again

Knee scooters also teach you how to have confidence in yourself again and learn how to stand. If you are to use crutches in the learning process, the fear of hurting your healing led will prevent you from making headway to walk again and if you finally do, it takes longer. Wheelchairs do not give you the opportunity to stand at all and this makes it  longer.

But with knee scooter, you learn to stand on your feet again, try as much as possible to maintain balance and then complete the whole process by standing.

6.) Knee scooter allows you to use your hands for other things

How will you manage to cope with crutches when you have to press the OPEN Button of an elevator door while standing with no one there to help. It is a difficult task, right? Trying to balance with one leg and one hand on your crutches is dangerous can cause you more harm than good. My candid advice is, don’t try it if at such a thing happens to you. But if you are using a knee scooter, you don’t have to worry about that because you can actually make use of your hands while still maintaining your balance.

7.) Comfort

Sitting on a particular spot on a wheelchair might be comfortable for most people, but moving from one place to another is a difficult task due to its big size. As a result of this, it comes to a lot of energy and time. On the other hand, crutches might help you to move faster but the negative feedback it has on the body system is another major constraint. Besides that, you need a lot of power and also energy to move and manoeuvre. And also, balancing is a major problem, you might re-injure your leg in the process of trying to balance.

Based on all these disadvantages, it is quite obvious that knee scooter is far more comfortable than the both combined together. Knee scooter has a cushion that helps hold your injured leg in place as you move around. With these, you will be completely safe from the risk of re-injuring your injured leg.

8.) Less energy is required

Unlike crutches and wheelchair, less energy is required to move from one place to another. All you have to do is band your injured leg on the scooter and use the other to simple propel forward like a skateboard. It is as simple as arithmetic. Do this and you will go in any direction of your choice.

9.) It has carriage basket

The majority of knee scooters that you will come across will have a basket that you can keep things when you go shopping. With this in place, you don’t have to hold packages while riding your scooter.

10.) Perfect choice for diabetics

Knee scooters can be used for patients with either diabetic sores or plantar ulcers. This replaces the normal way which is the confinement of the patient’s leg on the bed.

Consider buying your own kneel scooter and you will get to experience more than what is described here.

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