Top 10 Ways To Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

By | December 13, 2018

Sitting on a particular spot for hours is more than just a punishment, not to talk of sitting on a wheelchair for days, months and even years. Our body system was made in such a way that each and every part of our limbs always want to move from one place to another. Therefore sitting in a wheelchair is like caging our limbs. To adjust to this new way of life, it takes a considerable amount of time. Besides just feeling secure, which in turn gives peace of mind when seated on a wheelchair, you need to also feel comfortable. Being comfortable with wheelchair helps wheelchair users to enjoy their time on the chair if it meant to be temporary and also to adjust to their new way of life if it is permanent.

All thanks to the advancements in technology, sitting on a wheelchair is now far re better than what we use to have in the nineties. Materials like plastic, rubber, poly-stretch and even electricity have helped to propel the general comfort of sitting on a wheelchair. Now we have several designs of wheelchairs, each with its unique qualities.

Despite all that has been done to make sitting on a wheelchair more comfortable, wheelchair users still complain of pain in one part of their body or another. What this is trying to tell us is that the human body is quite difficult to please. However, there is always a way out of everything like you already know. Slight adjustments and introducing new accessories that were not included in the design of your wheelchair can make a huge difference. Do you wish to know how to make your wheelchair more comfortable? You will learn all you need to know right here.

Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable


Right here in this article, I will be sharing tested and trusted ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable. Following these will help you to wave goodbye to those ache pain in your body as a result of sitting down for too long.

Easy Ways To Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

1.) Make Use Of A Lumbar Support

Do you have any idea where your lumbar region is?  This region is located around the bones and muscles of your lower back all the way to your waist. Sitting down on a wheelchair for a long period of time will affect this region because it is the region carrying a considerable amount of weight of your body. If this part of your body lacks adequate support, your back will definitely feel like giving it all up as a result of consistent pain. To make yourself more comfortable, what you need to do is, find a way to support your lumbar region with either a rolled up towel or even a lumbar support itself.

Buying a lumbar support won’t cost you a fortune. More so, it will serve you more purpose than you actually imagined. A friend of mine that was condemned to a wheelchair all his life actually got a lumbar support and after using this for quite some time, he was astonished at how comfortable it made him feel.

2.) The Arm Rests Of Your Wheelchair Should Be Cushioned

Making sure the arm rests of your wheelchair is cushioned makes you more comfortable sitting in your wheelchair. To change positions while seated on your wheelchair, you need your arm rests to do that. If your arm rest is made of wood or plastic, movement will be quite difficult. More so, having a cushioned arm rests helps you to feel relaxed all day as your hands will be placed on soft rest rather than a rough rest that is hard.

3.) Your Foot Rests Should Be Adjusted To Suit Your Body

The positioning of your foot rest has a key role to play in your comfortability.  Ideally, your knees should be slightly above your hips level. If your knees are above the level that it should be or below what it should be, your buttocks will have no other choice but to remain at the corner of your seat. As a result of this, you will feel less comfortable and at the same time put a lot of pressure on your back which will cause you consistent pain. In order to prevent this, try as much as possible to adjust your foot rest and don’t believe you can manage with what you have already. If your wheelchair foot rests don’t have a means with which you can adjust it, rake your wheelchair to a repair shop. There they will help you to force the adjustment to a suitable level.

4.) You Can Try Out An Extra Cushion

To make your wheelchair more comfortable, you can start by fixing your wheelchair seat. The seat of a wheelchair has important roles to play. The more comfortable your seat is, the better you feel. There are several types of cushions, it is best you try many out before sticking to one particular cushion.

5.) Try  A New Back Rest

Trying out different types of back rests gives you the opportunity to choose a specific type of back rest that gives you the comfort you desire. An ideal back rest allows you to stretch easily and it also allows you to rest your back comfortably. If you get a perfect back rest, it gives you this special feeling that it was specifically made for you.

6.) Slightly Adjust The Degree Of Your Back Rest

If you are comfortable with your back rest, but you wish to make it better than it was before, you can slightly adjust the degree of your back rest to some extent. Perhaps your back rest makes you sit too straight and as a result of this, you always lean too forward, making it difficult for you to find a balance every single day. Reclining the degree of your back rest can help you solve this challenge. And you will notice a change in the level of your comfort.

7.) Introduce Lateral Side Supports

If you have difficulties balancing yourself on your wheelchair, you should introduce this extra accessory. These supports hold you back when you lean too far when doing some tasks.  This will support you both on your left and right-hand side. If you are actually the “do something always” type, you need to fix these supports for your own sake. More so, you don’t have to struggle to balance when doing some task.

8.) Crossing Of Legs Helps

Medically and physically, crossing your legs has a way of making wheelchair users more comfortable. When you cross your legs, you are indirectly reducing the pressure that your body exercise on your back, which causes pain and discomfort. This method of relaxing the body has been confirmed by numerous wheelchair users as a good way to feel more comfortable and relaxed. However, you should always try as much as possible to switch your legs when you have them crossed. Doing this every hour is perfect. Refusal to switch your legs will cause you pressure sores.

9.) Stay Away From Bulky Clothes

If you really want to make yourself more comfortable on a wheelchair, you need to stay off bulky clothes. Clothing like a wool sweater, a hood that is oversized, and other clothing that will influence your balance should be off your list. Try as much as possible to remain as simple as possible.

10.) Accessories Like Trays And Table Wheelchair Helps

Buying accessories like trays and tables that can be attached to your wheelchair is not a waste of money. In fact, they serve more benefits than you can imagine. Trays and Tables are used to carry your meals when eating. This will help increase your general comfort when you sit and eat on your wheelchair.


A stitch in time saves nine. Doing all these will help reduce the effects of sitting for too long on a wheelchair. Make all these necessary adjustments and change all that you need to change to enjoy your time in your wheelchair.

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